Ready to have a constant flow of leads & sales every day, even when you're sleeping, on holiday or spending time with family?

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This free live course is for female coaches, consultants and course creators (new or existing) and will help you to:

✅ Be the go-to expert in your niche, even if you're new.

✅ Get clear and specific about your branding and messaging.

✅ Create irresistible offers that bring in leads & sales every day.

✅ Have more sales & make 
more money!

3 Day Live Course; 24th - 26th May.

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You'll learn ...

✔️ How to effortlessly grow your community with dream clients who are raising their hand & asking for your help.

✔️ The 2 HUGE problems most people face when niching down & how to easily overcome these problems to get unstuck.

✔️ How to craft your unique messaging in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd of others doing a similar thing to you; the way to eliminate the competition and bring in more leads.

✔️ The 3 most common mistakes coaches & service providers make when generating leads meaning they burnout & give up on their dream business.  This won't be you.  You'll learn how to avoid this.

✔️ The 4 core elements to an irresistible offer that makes clients grab their card and join your offer.

✔️ The 3 crucial components to your coaching business & how neglecting any of these will lead to failure.  You'll learn how to effectively pay attention to all 3 components.

✔️ How to have a predictable & reliable flow of leads so that you never have to panic about money coming in when you're having downtime

✔️ ... and so much more!

Are you ready to have leads & sales on autopilot?

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Hi, I'm Camille

I'm here to help you to grow your dream business and live life on your terms.

My online business was a real struggle just 3 years ago, I scrambled around for leads, working 9-10hr days and struggled to pay my bills every month, let alone spend time with my family.  

Then I figured out a way to bring in leads & sales when I sleep and when I'm away on holiday with my family.   

I want to share this with you.  Within the last 2 years, I'm so honoured to have helped over 7,000 clients throughout the world with my courses and programmes, who then went on to help others.

Inside this 3 day course, I'm sharing with you the proven strategies I use (and my clients use) to have effortless sales every day.

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NOW's the time to finally have a constant flow of leads & sales; to have the business & life you deserve!

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