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The 14 week "game-changing programme", showing ambitious women how to gain clients, have consistent, reliable income (through multiple streams) and more freedom in your online business.

As seen in...

Have a strong passion to help others and grow your dream business but feeling stuck?

You have so many great ideas and really want to make a difference in the world.

💜 To finally live life the way you want, to have a great income, be your own boss and not be tied to a 9-5. 

💜 To spend quality time with your family every day. 

💜 To take the kids to school.  Enjoy lots of holidays leisure time. Work from home or wherever you want to!

But right now there seems like a huge mountain to climb

Perhaps you look at others in your industry & wonder;

"How are they doing it? They make it look so easy. 
Why is this hard for me?"

You start every day with great intentions, then quickly become overwhelmed.

Your to-do list is growing with things like content creation, growing an email list, a freebie, a Facebook Group.

"In what order should things be done? There's so much to do, I'm confused."

Things don't go the way you imagined.  Nothing's working! You're exhausted.

You think "will I ever get clients?"

"I thought this would be fun, it's NOT, it's hard!"

I know you're trying, I get it.  I've been there too...

👉 Wasting time watching free webinars & challenges, only giving a small piece of the puzzle

👉 Downloading a ton of freebies which are all gathering dust in your inbox

👉 Googling everything, spending hours watching YouTube videos; you feel like you know what needs doing (sort of!), but piecing it together is confusing

👉 Joining courses and programmes than only give you a piece of what's needed, it's frustrating!

All of this ☝️ has added to your confusion!

You feel deflated & question everything:
😰 What am I missing?
😰 Am I doing this right?
😰 Am I focusing on the right things?
😰 Others are doing great, why not me?
😰 Is it my niche? My pricing? My offer? What is it?

Should I have a 1:1 offer?  A course?  A group programme? A membership?

You go round in circles, feel confused and think "I'm not cut out for this, perhaps this isn't for me after all"

You can't give up on your dreams, this will niggle away at you;
💡 Life's too short to be stuck in an unfulfilling job forever
💡 It's painful to spend every day away from your family.  Time is too precious to waste. 
💡 You don't want to take turns in the office with who can be off in the school holidays.  You want to make amazing memories every chance you can. 
💡 You want to make a difference in other people's lives and live your purpose
💡 ... and have financial freedom

All this overthinking, confusion & self doubt, there's no wonder...

82% of coaching businesses fail within the first 2 years.
(According to the International Coaching Federation)

The truth is ...

The e-learning industry is BOOMING and is climbing to $325 BILLION by 2025
(According to Forbes)
People are consuming more courses online and are looking for coaches / consultants more now than never before!
You are so ready to claim your chunk of that $325 Billion!

This won't work if you're ...

Trying to replicate bits and pieces of what everyone else is doing.  (this coach told me to do this, this mentor said do that).  

The pieces don't fit together properly.

STOP! Step away from the noise and ask "does this help my future business and life I want to create?" 
... and does it feel right?

Everyone's different; so why should your offer type and the way you market it be the same as everyone else?  

It shouldn't.  You're not a sheep.

This has to be right for YOU to create a long term sustainable business you'll love forever.

You need a brilliant business plan backed up with a solid strategy to make it come to life and be a success.

Stop wasting time doing the wrong things and start doing things that'll actually make a difference to achieving the life you want & deserve.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

Benjamin Franklin

There are others doing this and making a great life for themselves and their family ... so can you!

What current clients are saying:


  • Having the support of someone who's been there and knows what you need to do to have success
  • ​Having complete clarity around your offer and what your dream clients need so you can sell with ease
  • ​Knowing there's demand for your offer.  Have leads come in on automatically when you're asleep and on holiday. You can start living life and spending more precious time with loved ones
  • Easily generating sales through multiple streams and having predictable passive income
  • ​Finally making a difference in the world and living your life the way you want to

"People Should Pursue What They're Passionate About.  That Will Make Them Happier Than Pretty Much Anything Else"

Elon Musk

STOP wasting time doing the wrong things.
Life's too short.
START living the life you want, RIGHT NOW!

In CASA, you'll not only learn the foundations of your business but how to scale it to 6 figures and beyond.  

"This is the only programme you'll ever need"

We're Starting on 10th May

The 14 week "game-changing programme", showing ambitious women how to gain clients, have consistent, reliable income (through multiple streams) and more freedom in your online business.

Inside this 14 week, intimate group programme, you'll learn how to finally make a difference in the world and have the business growth you desire and deserve.

This is perfect for you if you have (or want to create) a:
*1:1 Coaching Offer
*Group Coaching Programme

Due to the high level of individual support I give inside of the programme, spaces are very limited.

"I know what I'm supposed to do but I just can't do it"

You're not alone.  There are a number of reasons why, such as:
😰 The separate pieces of strategy you've learned so far don't fit together properly
😰 You're doubting yourself and keep holding yourself back, this is keeping you playing small and stopping you from going "all in"
😰 You're scared of what people will think of you.  Your family, friends, the people you went to school with or friends you went to the pub with on a Friday night.  This stops you from being visible.
😰 You feel like you're not good enough, or you don't know enough to be the expert
😰 "Being a perfectionist" is holding you back

Inside of the CASA programme, there's the perfect blend of:
✨ Strategy
✨ Mindset & Leadership
✨ Energy & Aligned Action

All 3 areas need to work in harmony together for you to create a successful, long-term, sustainable  business that you will love forever.

Being forced into a strategy that you're not aligned with won't work.  You have to feel fully onboard with your offer and the way you market it.
Working on your confidence as a leader, and your mindset each and every day is a must for you to follow through on the strategy and show up as the expert in your industry.
Nothing is left to chance in CASA.

"It has allowed me to create a foundation for my business that is scalable"

Leticia Francis, Mindset & Business Coach

"I got my first client on board (in the first month of CASA)"

Beth Hodgson, Marketing Consultant

What's the deal with CASA?

This is a very small group coaching programme.

Unlike the majority of other group programmes that have 100+ students and give you the self study course material and say "there ya go, crack on",  you get my 1:1 support in a small group setting; you get your questions answered.  

I'll be there to guide you through this amazing transformation so that you can have the business you so desperately want... and deserve!

"Who exactly is this programme for?"

This is for you if you are a female coach or consultant (new or existing), or if you want to build a course / membership.


All of the training, examples, templates ... EVERYTHING is geared specifically to this type of business (above).  

The last thing you need is another course / programme with generic information for everyone with an online business.  Generic won't get you the results you want.  You need in-depth information and strategy that's created specifically for your industry, this is what you get with CASA.

"Is this for all niches?"

This programme is perfect for most niches.  
Others who've had great success in the programme are a:

Mindset coach
Marketing consultant
Parenting coach
Business coach
Energy healer
Anxiety coach
Fitness coach
Life coach
Relationship expert
Careers coach
Networking consultant
... and more!

Everyone in the group is on the same journey.  I've been in programmes where the doors are constantly open and people keep coming and going; it didn't work for me & it doesn't work for most people.

To have success, you need to follow a structure.  In CASA, everyone follows the same step-by-step process at the same time.  Week 1 is module 1 - the whole group implements this together, cheers each other on and helps one another out.

The coaching calls and weekly trainings reflect the current week's module.

"The Group Support Is Amazing"

Growing a business can be lonely.  It's much easier to succeed when you share the journey with others doing the same thing as you, helping you on your way.

You'll make lasting friendships & will have others to collaborate with.

I will be there to cheer you on, support you & give you brutal honesty & feedback.

Accountability will play a huge part in your success.  Unlike a job when your boss looks over your shoulder "have you done this?", it's easy to put things off and not get it done.  I hold you accountable each week to make sure you get the results you want.

Weekly Q&A threads in the group each Thursday; you can ask questions any day in the group and you'll get answers, but I dedicate a specific time slot and thread each week where you can fire lots of questions at me and you'll get every question answered so you keep moving forward.

Live training inside the group every Monday
Live group coaching calls every Tuesday; I answer every single question.  The call doesn't end until all questions are answered.

*Zoom coaching sessions will be recorded, if you can't make the live call, send me your questions beforehand and I'll answer them on the call & you can watch the replay

"I Cannot Recommend This Programme Enough"

Holly McKay, Female Empowerment Coach

Hi, I'm Camille Plews

"I'm no good with tech" ... You don't have to be!
I was so rubbish at IT at school (so bad, the teacher suggested I take a different subject); if I can do this, then so can you.  

Besides, you can have my stuff.
I hold nothing back in CASA.  What's mine is yours.  
You can have my  sales page, it's very easy to edit; I show you with step-by-step screen share tutorials how to do everything I do ... you'll be set for life.

This is why previous and current clients of Client Attraction Sales Accelerator say this is the only programme they'll ever need

"I have already grown my Facebook Group to over 100 members.  I have a consistent strategy"

Sarah Shotton, Networking Consultant

"Is this right for me?"

This is perfect for you if:

✅  You're just starting out and have no idea what you should be doing to bring on your first client, you've tried a few things but are going round in circles


✅  You've had a handful of clients but there's no consistency and it's frightening not knowing where your next client will come from


✅ You're ready to put in the work and take action 

... enrolment closes 9th May!

(or sooner if all spaces are filled)

Throughout our time together, you'll be guided through my unique, yet simple CASA framework to bring you:

*Clarity around your business, clients & offer
* A constant flow of quality leads 
*Consistent income 
*More freedom in your online business

Stop saying "I'll do it when I've...*(insert the next excuse)*.." 
NOW is the time to get your much needed offer out into the world, gain clients and generate sales!

Here's What's Included:

Lifetime Access to The Members Area

You get lifetime access so that you can go at your own pace and keep referring back to the modules whenever you need to. 
Inside the members area, you'll see the "no fluff" training videos with workbooks, templates, scripts etc. to help you on this incredible journey.

Members Only Facebook Group

You'll meet others who share this journey with you and help & support you on your way.  Perhaps you'll collaborate too.

Unlike most programs, you won't be kicked out once the program has ended.  

As a bonus, you have an extra 8 months access to the Facebook Group and my help and support after the programme has ended.

14 Weekly Group Coaching Calls on Zoom

There will be 14 weekly coaching calls on Zoom for the duration of the program to get your questions answered so that you keep moving forward, get your amazing offer out there and get clients!

14 Weekly LIVE Training & Q&A Inside The Group

There will be 14 weekly LIVE trainings and Q&A inside the private, members only Facebook Group.

Trainings will be centred around the weekly topics and will be uncovering mindset blocks so that you can keep moving forward with your growth

Let's Break It Down Further.... 10 Modules In 14 Weeks:

First Up; The Pre-Module; Introduction, Mindset & Embodiment

The reason this module doesn't have a week or module number is because your mindset and the energy work needs to be worked on throughout the programme (and your life).  You'll keep re-visiting this module.

Week 1

Module 1 - Strategic Planning & Business Foundations

You'll lay the foundations of your business.  Most people skip this part which is a HUGE mistake.  If you want a long-term, sustainable business that you LOVE forever, you can't skip this part. 

You'll be:
 ✨ Business planning and setting yourself up for success
✨ Examining different business model ideas so that you can choose one that's right for you and how you want your life to look in 5 years from now
✨ Nailing down your expertise and discovering what makes you unique & how you stand out from the crowd.  This is when you'll realise that you have no competition 
✨ Getting crystal clear on your "dream client" so that you LOVE who you work with

Yearly planning and strategy is essential if you are to hit your goals.  You'll plan your whole year and break it down into monthly and weekly tasks; by breaking it down, you'll see it really is a numbers game!

Week 2

Module 2 - Branding, Market Research & Your Bio Funnel

✨ You'll understand the most effective ways to get the best results from your market research and how to use these results for your offer & freebie creation. 

✨ Branding is so much more than fancy fonts and colours.  You'll establish your brand persona which will shine through everything you do

✨ You'll define your positioning and how to connect with your audience and show up as the expert in your industry.

✨ You'll understand how to get clear on your message & your unique methodology that will make you stand out from the crowd

✨ You'll learn to set up your bio as a marketing funnel for organic lead generation

✨ You'll start growing your audience now that you have complete clarity.

Week 3

Module 3 - Easy Creation & Simple Structure

✨ Based on your market research results and what you feel aligned with most, you'll decide what your first offer will be and start creating the materials for it.

✨ You'll learn about any extras / bonuses that can be included, how to price your offer and give it a catchy name & tagline.

✨ You'll write a high converting sales page for your offer. I have templates for this that you can have.  Or you can have my sales page and edit it to make it your own; don't worry, I show you how! It's easy!

Week 4

Module 4 - The Magnetic Marketing Matrix

✨ You'll discover my "Freedom Marketing Formula" to creating strategic magnetic content in minimum time to get you off the content hamster wheel.  

✨ You'll get clear on your core messaging and create polarising content which makes your reader think "wow, this was written for me".  

✨ You'll learn the power of storytelling and how to create a simple, consistent powerful engagement schedule.  

✨ You'll learn how to bring a constant flow of leads into your community and the "Daily Money-Making Tasks".

✨ You'll learn the approach to rapidly grow your audience with collaborations

Week 5

Implementation Week

Of course these things take time to implement.  Plus, sometimes life gets in the way.  Use week 5 to implement everything you've learned so far and "catch up" if life got in the way.

Week 6 & 7

Module 5 - Leads On Autopilot; Let Us Begin!

✨ It's time to create your irresistible freebie & start REALLY growing your email community

 ✨ You'll learn how to bring leads in while you sleep (or when you're on holiday) so that your business keeps growing when you're not there

✨ You'll learn how to make sure your emails are getting delivered and how to keep people opening them again and again

Week 8

Module 6 - Launching - Live Or Lazy?

✨ You'll learn how to plan your launches for success and what to do before you launch to achieve the best results.

✨ You'll learn about the best launch methods to use, plus pre & mid-launch bonuses 

✨ You'll learn the easy / lazy way to launch, as well as live launching

✨ You'll create your very own pre-launch planning timeline (or you can use mine!).

Week 9

Implementation Week

 Use week 9 to implement everything you've learned so far and "catch up" if life got in the way.

Week 10

Module 7 - Psyched For Sales & Onboarding

✨ You'll learn how to overcome mindset hurdles when it comes to sales

✨ You'll understand how sales psychology plays a huge part in everything you do

✨ You'll learn the process of transitioning your DM conversations to take action

✨ Discovery / strategy / clarity calls; what's the difference? Which one to use

✨ You'll learn my simple 3 step client onboarding process to onboard clients with ease

✨ You'll also have my very own DM scripts, sales call scripts & objection handling scripts for high conversions

Week 11

Module 8 - Passive Funnel Profits

This module is all about creating more freedom and income with funnels and passive products.

✨ You'll map out your monthly 5 figure strategy

✨ You'll plan the different offers you can build into your product suite so that you have multiple streams of income and aren't just relying on 1 source.

✨ You'll learn about passive products in great detail and how these would fit into your business model. 

✨ You'll also understand some of the most common, easy mistakes to make and how to avoid these

There's no need to worry about the techy sales page & funnel stuff, I've got you covered with templates, or you can download mine.  There are full video walk-throughs showing you how to easily edit the pages to make them your own!

Week 12

Module 9 - Freedom With Facebook Ads

This is where it gets REALLY exciting! Facebook Ads to really add fuel to the fire.

✨ You'll be shown how to set up your Facebook Business Manager the CORRECT way before running ads.  This is to protect you from shutdowns (... they do happen, but you'll be shown how to avoid it).

✨ You'll discover how precisely you can target your audience with ads targeting and also how to spy on competitors ads; you don't need to re-invent the wheel.

✨ You'll see full results analysis and breakdowns of my ads inside of ads manager so that you know how to review what's working & what's not (so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn't)

✨ After this module, you'll know how to create lead generation ads and also money making ads for your sales funnels.

✨ You'll learn how to optimise your ads to scale your business with ease.

Week 13

Module 10 - Review, Retention & Delegation

This module is all about tweaking, reviewing and delegating.  

✨ First we'll look at reviewing and tweaking everything you've done so far. 

✨ What you can do to keep clients subscribed to your membership and keep them interested in your next offer

✨ How delegating work will free up so much more time for you to focus on the main money-making areas of your business.

Week 14

Graduation & Wine Week

Let's crack open the wine, it's party time 🎉
Our final week will be to continue implementing everything.  
The last coaching session will be Q&A over a wine or 4

You'll get these amazing bonuses:

High Performing Opt-in Funnels

You'll get my best performing opt-in page & funnels for your freebies so that you'll grow your email list quickly with your ideal clients who will be hyped up and interested in your offer/s.  (*You can download my entire funnels)

*2 Funnels to choose from

Value £700

High Performing Sales Funnels

You'll also get my best performing sales page & funnel so that you won't have to second guess what should be included.  This will save you hours of time.   (*You can download my entire funnels)

*Higher ticket and low ticket sales funnels

Value £3,000

My Email Sequence Templates

You get my email sequence templates (including opt-in emails and launch emails) and prompts so that you'll never have to worry about starting your emails from scratch again

Value £400

Guest Expert Speakers

Guest experts will appear throughout the programme to help you with things like mindset blocks, branding yourself, copywriting and Outsourcing

You will have 3 x live expert guest speakers, plus previous expert trainings.

Value £1,000

There are full walk-through videos SHOWING YOU, step-by-step how to easily edit and change the funnels.

They really aren't as complicated as they sound.  In fact they are easy.  All women in the programme of various ages (28 - 62) think so too.

You get lifetime access to the content & future updates.
Your business will evolve as it grows.  You may want to add in a different offer next year, great - come back and visit the content again to know how to do it.

"I've been trying to do this on my own and feel so isolated, I'm not sure I'm cut out for this"

Growing a business on your own is hard!
😧 No-one to turn to for support
😧 No-one to guide you in the right direction
😧 No-one to bounce ideas off
😧 No-one to cheer you on
😧 No-one to ask "am I doing this right?"

It can feel very lonely and isolating.

Better together

Inside of CASA you get all the support you'll ever need.
🤩 The community of amazing women who are all on the same journey as you; you'll support one another and become life-long friends
🤩 Help, support and guidance from me and guest coaches throughout
🤩 My brutally honest feedback every day
🤩 Weekly accountability to keep you on track

"I was spinning my wheels for so many months, now I have all the tools I need for my business to take off"

Angela Mackay, Life Coach

Does everyone in the programme follow the same process, or will the doors keep opening and closing to let more people in?

I'm glad you asked!

Yes there's a process.  Everyone follows the same process at the same time.

Live trainings are also geared towards the current week's training.

Unlike a lot of other programmes that constantly enrol new clients and you have no idea who's coming and going, once the CASA cart closes, that's it, it's closed!  

Everyone who enrols will be on the exact same journey together.  You have a full process and structure to follow, together.  The CASA community is so supportive, you'll have others to bounce ideas off and you'll make friends for life.

You have straight forward, actionable steps to take each week so it's easy to stay on track and keep focused with what needs to be done.

Don't take advice from people who haven't been where you want to go:

Your family & friends have your best intentions at heart, but don't take their advice if they've never ran this type of business before

👎 Your Uncle Albert may have ran a Newsagents in the 80's but he can't give you the answers you need for this business

👎 Your partner may think he's doing the right thing by telling you not to share glimpses of your personal life in stories and to keep it all really professional but that won't help

👎 Your Auntie Eileen may have been a business coach for the council but their methods are old school, outdated and very generic

You need specific support and advice from someone who's already travelled this exact pathway.

"This isn't just 1 piece of the jigsaw, it's the whole puzzle"

"My previous coach said I must do 1:1 coaching first"

You weren't put on this planet to be put in a box, a lot of coaches say;
"you have to do 1:1 coaching first" 
"you must do webinars, they are the only way to bring in automated leads"

That's just a load of crap!

You need to create the right type of offer for you and your clients.

We are all different which is a wonderful thing.  How boring would it be if we were all the same?

This doesn't have to be 1:1 if you feel more drawn to creating a membership or a group programme instead.

You must feel aligned with your offer & how you market it.  It has to excite you enough to shout it from the rooftops.

What makes this programme so different to others out there is the level of support.
I don't just tell you what to do, I show you...

  • You'll see inside my funnels, emails & social media.  You'll see full video walkthroughs inside to show you how they are set up and why & how they work
  • ​You get my exact systems and processes to show you how to take prospective clients from being a stranger to a client
  • ​This programme includes the 1:1 element inside of the group setting.  It isn't like most other group programmes where you rarely see the coach (apart from the weekly coaching call) and the lack of support.  You will get your questions answered and my eyes on your business within the group.
  • ​I've stopped providing 1:1 coaching this year so that I have so much more time to help my clients to succeed inside of CASA
  • ​You'll be shown how to build a long-term sustainable business with multiple streams of income; you won't just have all your eggs in 1 basket
  • Freebies, sales and opt-in pages will be checked before you put them out into the world.  This is to give you full peace of mind that everything's as it should be before they go live.
  • I'll be inside the Facebook group every day answering your questions and supporting you.  You can private message me too, I'll be on hand to guide you through this whole process
  • ​You are fully supported within this programme.  I don't just tell you what to do and leave you to get on with it.  I show you what to do and fully support you along the way.  I want you to succeed... and as long as you show up and do the work, you will!
  • ​The support of the community is amazing.  Everyone inside the group is on the same journey.  We share wins (big and small), bounce ideas around; the help and support is invaluable.
  • ​This programme really is 1 of a kind.  You'll find no other programme like this.

"It's amazing how much you achieve in such a short space of time"

Rebecca Hogan, Life Coach for Mums

Stop going round in circles, questioning everything, hoping that one day you may figure this out yourself.  

This programme is here to give you a shortcut to finally help others in the world who NEED your help.

Why Should You Trust Me?

  • Everything you'll learn in the programme, I do myself..... day in day out.
  • ​I've been there too, chasing shiny objects/going round in circles, trying to figure out what works best....I completely understand how draining it is
  • I have worked in sales and marketing for over 21 years (wow! I'm getting old!) so can show you what works and what doesn't
  • ​For the last 7+ years, I have successfully ran my own online businesses generating consistent 5 figure months
  • ​I've figured out a successful process that works, not just for me but for my clients in various niches too
  • ​I want to help you to create the business and life you deserve, whether it be to travel the world or spend quality time with your family

Your 14 Week Group Programme

  • Client Attraction Sales Accelerator - 10 Modules (Videos, PDF's, Templates, Downloads)
  • ​Straight to the point, no-fluff video workshops for you to easily digest, gain clarity and implement straight away
  • ​​Weekly Group Coaching Calls on Zoom answering all your questions (10 Modules, 14 Zoom Calls)
  • ​Weekly LIVE Trainings With Q&A Inside The Private Facebook Group
  • ​Private Members Only Facebook Group Where I will Be Answering Your Questions and Giving Support Daily
  • ​Lifetime Access to The Members Area of Client Attraction Sales Accelerator, with All Future Updates
  • ​12 Month Support Inside The Facebook Group
  • ​Lifetime Access to the Bonuses

Stop waiting for the right time.  The perfect time is now.

There are others with less experience than you, who are less qualified than you, who are doing this and making a great income because they decided to jump in and take action.  You can too!

"The Way To Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing"

Walt Disney

Spaces are limited and already filling up fast for the May launch.  This programme won't be back again until Autumn; imagine how much your business will have grown by then if you take action right now!

Once You've Followed The CASA Programme, You'll:

  • Know exactly how to create the business you desire that matches your dream life
  • ​Know exactly WHAT to create, WHO your offer is for and WHY they need it
  • ​Know HOW to put your offer together in a way that's easy
  • ​Know how to get it out into the world and have a constant flow of quality leads
  • ​Have consistent, predictable income through multiple revenue streams
  • ​Have more freedom and time to spend with your family, take the kids to school, go on holidays; enjoying life!

Your Investment

There's SO MUCH goodness and value included inside this programme.  I want to make this an easy decision for you.

Hiring someone to build your sales funnel alone could easily cost you £2,000 (per funnel)

But with CASA, you'll learn how to do it yourself ... (or you can download and edit mine; I'll show you how easy it is) you'll be set for life!

Once you have these skills, you can add multiple offers to your product suite, easily and quickly duplicate your funnels ... saving you ££££'s

It may seem a little daunting right now, but once I show you how easy it is, you'll be so glad you jumped in and did it.

Every lady (from late 20's - 60's) who's implemented the training has said things like "wow, 
that wasn't hard at all" and "funnels are so much easier than I thought"

Are you ready to finally make a difference in the world and have the business growth you desire & deserve?

Your 14 Week Group Coaching Programme

Here's What You Get:

  • Client Attraction Sales Accelerator - 10 Module Programme
  • ​High Performing Opt-in Funnels
  • ​High Performing Sales Funnels
  • ​Email Sequence Templates
  • ​Guest Expert Speakers
  • ​8 Months of Extra Support Inside the Facebook Group

Starting 10th May. Due to the high level of support I give inside of the programme, spaces are very limited.

Join From The Waitlist & Get These Exclusive Bonuses:

Total Value £800

A £200 Saving On Your Investment

You will get a £200 saving just by joining the programme from the waitlist.
WOW! That's a huge saving!

£200 Off

The Clarity & Mapping Coaching Session

Not yet clear on how you want your business to look in a year from now? Not sure exactly how you’ll be bringing in the money? In this group coaching session, you’ll learn how to get clear on this and map it out for the year ahead. 

£200 Value

Live Group Intensive Training With Q&A

Want to empty your head of all of your initial “getting started questions”before the programme starts so that you can just plough on and get quicker results? This is for you! Ask me anything you want. The session ends ONLY when all questions have been answered!

£200 Value

The Niche & Messaging Coaching Session

Tired of constantly posting random content and not getting any traction? Not sure if your messaging is off, or perhaps you’re not niche enough? Join us for this powerful session to help you get clear on this right away so that you’re off to a flying start!

£200 Value

Total Value of These Exclusive Bonuses = £800

PLUS: Early Access to my other courses and Modules 0-2 of the group coaching programme so that you can get to work now and start seeing results straight away!

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These are great waitlist bonuses! Is there a catch?

No, there's no catch.  You'll only get these amazing bonuses by joining the programme from the waitlist.  The waitlist is only open for a short time.  All you need to do is enter your name and email address to jump on.

"I've been in another group programme before but it didn't work for me"

Why didn't it work? Was it the lack of support and structure?
You've read through everything that's included inside of CASA.  
Don't let one bad past experience ruin your future success. 

If you're still undecided and are sitting on the fence, ask yourself this:

How are you going to achieve your dream life in the quickest way possible, without wasting more precious time?

What would it mean if you keep doing what you're doing right now? 

Follow your intuition.  This will be a gut feeling.  Yes it will feel scary; this is natural when leaving your comfort zone.  Follow your heart and make your dream life a reality.


Will I have access to everything straight away?
You'll have access to the course materials, workbooks, templates etc. in the members area straight away on 10th May.  The live trainings and coaching calls will be delivered each week throughout the duration of the programme.
What if I can't make the live training and coaching calls?
Don't worry, all trainings and coaching calls are recorded.  You'll have access to them from the Facebook Group to watch when you're available.  If you have any questions after watching, they'll be answered in the group.
I'm not sure if this is right for me, can I talk to you?
Of course, please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram @camilleplews
What type of business is CASA meant for?
This business is for new or existing coaches, consultants and course creators.  The trainings inside are very specific towards this type of business.  This isn't a generic programme to coach people with product based businesses, MLM's and anyone with an online service.  The learning materials inside are all geared specifically towards coaches, consultants and course creators. 
I'm budgeting at the minute, is there a payment plan?
Yes.  The payment plan was created just for you.
I'm so busy and have kids, I really don't know if I have time for this.  How much of my time will it take?
I completely understand your situation. I'm a busy working Mum too, and if I can do this, so can you! 

Please allow a minimum of 5 hours a week to complete the training and implement your learnings.  This will be time well spent to build your dream life; for you and your family. 

I wish I had all of this mapped out for me when I first started, I'd have reached success a lot quicker.

I have simplified everything with no-fluff, straight-to-the-point workshops and workbooks. There is a process for you to follow with action points at the end of each lesson.

I've included various templates and scripts to help to save you time. 
Why 10 Modules in 14 Weeks?
Some of the modules take longer to implement than others, so I have factored in time for implementation.

I understand that everyone works at different paces but please stay committed and dedicated in order to see real growth.  

Depending on your circumstances and other commitments, it may take longer than the 14 weeks to implement everything that's included in the programme (building your product suite with multiple offers for example), which is why you have lifetime access to the members area, and a year's full Facebook group support.

You'll have access to the entire programme straight away on 10th May, you could be "away and flying" after 4 weeks if you go all-in!

I want you to fly, I want you to turn up enthusiastic, dedicated to your success and go all-in!!
Will you check my Instagram now and again to make sure my messaging isn't "off"?
Yes, you try keeping me away!  Unlike most other group programmes, my eyes will be on your business.  I want you to succeed.  I will 100% be checking your Instagram.
Will you look at my freebie and web/funnel pages too?
Yes.  I want you to get off to a flying start.  I will review these for you and give you honest, critical feedback so that you can get the best possible results.
What exactly is included in Client Attraction Sales Accelerator (CASA)?
This is a 14 week group coaching programme. You will get access to 10 packed modules with video workshops as well as guides, templates and workbooks. This is simple, no fluff training with easy to follow guides to help you to create your offer that your clients NEED and to generate sales.

There will be 14 group coaching sessions on Zoom (1 a week). 
Live Weekly Trainings & Q&A inside the private Facebook Group.

You'll also have 12 Months access to the Facebook Group where I will be answering your questions, you'll also get to make valuable connections with other online business owners. Unlike most programs out there, I won't be "closing the group" after the 14 weeks.
Will I need to purchase any specific software?
As with any online business, you'll need software.  

I'm all about keeping things really simple but effective.

You'll need email software, but don't worry, most people who've previously joined the programme don't yet have an email list.  This is covered inside of the CASA programme with full video tutorials on how to set it up. You also get my email templates too.

If you're building a course, membership or group coaching programme, I'll show you a free, easy and great piece of software to house the content.

You'll learn about mini offers and building your product suite too, we'll talk through the different funnel softwares.  Again, don't worry, there are full easy-to-follow step-by-step video tutorials on this too.
When can I access the bonuses?
You get access to the bonuses as soon as the programme starts in May, they are inside the members area.

Guest speakers will appear live throughout the duration of the programme.
How is CASA different from other programmes?
The majority of programmes "out there" only teach you the foundations; the basic stuff.  They also hand you the materials and expect you to crack on on your own.

I won't do that to you.  I'm in the thick of it with you.

Inside of CASA, you'll learn the basics but we don't just stop there.   You'll also learn to build your product suite, create mini offers and have your ads pay for themselves; you'll learn all about Facebook Ads too and how to scale your income!

I don't just tell you what to do, I show you.  You'll see full video walkthroughs inside of my own platforms and you'll see my ads and inside of my Facebook Ads Manager.

You'll learn how to have consistent income, but also freedom to spend time with your family. Once you've implemented everything I teach inside of these 10 modules, you will have all of the processes in place and will be able to pick and choose your hours, and live the life you want to live, on your terms!  Time is precious.  Spend more time doing the things you love in life; lots of holidays. and more time with your family.

**Please understand, this is a process and does take time to implement; hence the 14 week programme; this isn't a "join today, have lots of clients by tomorrow" programme. We're in this for the long run, to create a sustainable, successful long-term business.

The no fluff templates, workbooks and guides are there to help you fast track your success.

Unlike a lot of other programmes, I will be there, personally inside of the Facebook group every day, answering your questions and helping you on this amazing journey. I will still continue to help after the 14 weeks inside of the 12 month Facebook group. - All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2021